Reflexology is thought to relax, restore, rejuvenate and re-balance your body and mind.

Meadows Wellbeing Reflexology treatments can be booked as a one-off session for deep-relaxation or a series of treatments for a specific symptom or ailment.

Reflexology can help with;

  • Coping with chronic pain/illness

  • Low energy levels/Low mood

  • Sinus congestion

  • Chronic skin conditions

  • Hormonal imbalances/Menopause symptoms

  • Digestive issues

  • Headaches

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep problems

  • Recovery from illness or injury

  • Coping with grief

  • Poor circulation

The practice of working pressure points on the hands and feet for health reasons has been around for thousands of years, with origins in ancient China and Egypt as well as with native American tribes. What we now know of as reflexology is thought to have evolved from these practices and was brought to Europe from America in the 1950’s.
The term Reflexology refers to “reflex points ” on the feet, hands, face or ears and these points are thought to directly correspond with all the organs and systems of the body, with the body being mirrored on each of these extremities.
This means that your Reflexology practitioner can use various deep massage techniques in order to positively influence and support the whole body and mind.


JANE KEOGH at Meadows Wellbeing

Jane Keogh

Reflexology Practitioner

About Jane Keogh

Jane is a fully qualified Reflexology Practitioner with a Centralia Reflexology Mastership Level 5 Diploma, providing reflexology on the feet, hands or face.  This involves various massage techniques on the reflex points of your extremities in order to benefit the whole body.

Jane is a member of  Professional Reflexology – the association for Reflexologists (

How Jane can help you...

“If you’ve been struggling with a long term condition, such as sleeping problems, joint pain, skin irritations or feeling anxious, and traditional medicine has only helped as far as it can, Reflexology could be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.
Maybe you just need to get your enthusiasm and energy back, or you want to fulfill your full potential for success and feel something is holding you back. Have you been relying too much on alcohol or carbohydrates for comfort (I’ve been there!) when really you need a better form of self support? Maybe your hormones are ruling your life too much and you want to restore balance? Whether it’s done on the feet, hands or face or a combination of these, why not give it a try?
Whatever your reason for trying Reflexology, I’m sure you will enjoy it and really feel how it does you good.”

About Linda Jewell

Linda qualified as a Reflexology Practitioner in 2015 and is a member of the Association Of Reflexologists, providing reflexology on the feet, hands or face.  

Linda first came across Reflexology when she was pregnant with her first child.  Like many new mum’s she was quite overwhelmed with being pregnant and the changes that took place within her body. Having had enough of feeling uncomfortable and waddling like a duck, she decided to try Reflexology.  Experiencing this amazing treatment, she decided to start her own training to become a Reflexologist and hasn’t looked back since. 

Linda Jewell at Meadows Wellbeing

Linda Jewell​

Reflexology Practitioner

A session with Linda...

“A primary concern for me is your comfort and wellbeing, so we will take time to get you comfortable and relaxed before treatment commences. Once you are settled in, I will begin to work on your feet.  I can tailor the treatment to your own personal needs, working specific reflex points.  In addition to this, I will work the whole foot, addressing the whole body systems which will see your nervous system move back into a state of relaxation – enabling you to leave the session feeling as if you are walking on air.  
Diane Chandler at Meadows Wellbeing

Diane Chandler

Complementary Therapist

About Diane Chandler

Health and wellbeing have always played a central role in Diane’s life, as she grew up alongside practices of yoga, meditation and wholefoods, which are still a cornerstone. 

As well as offering Reflexology, Diane also provides a range of our complementary therapies including Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki, Ear Candling and Holistic Facials.

Find out more here >> 

What To Expect From Your Consultation & Treatments

A reflexology session typically takes about 50 minutes, so please allow an hour for your appointment to allow for your consultation/preparation for the treatment.

The reflexology session will encourage deep relaxation in body and mind, which is very beneficial to supporting good health and general wellbeing.

Reflexology, whether it’s done on the feet, hands or face, is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. It is neither ticklish nor painful, although some reflex points may be more sensitive than others.