Holistic & Complementary Therapies


Complementary Therapies To Help You Relax, Revive
& Re-Connect With Yourself

Relax, Revive

& Re-Connect With Yourself

Meadows Wellbeing offers a  wide range of relaxing and restorative complementary therapies at the practice, including Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Ear Candling. 

So take some time out for yourself and drift off to a place of calm and inner peace, all within our warm and welcoming sanctuary in the heart of Billingshurst.


Aromatherapy is designed to help you maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing by the application of pure essential oils, via massage.

Its primary uses are to calm, detoxify and reinvigorate, to help the body to heal and regain health and harmony.

By choosing the right combination of essential oils for you as an individual, we will tailor your treatment to promote improved health, ease pain, reduce stress, calm the mind and help to balance your entire being.

The following conditions are thought to benefit from using Aromatherapy;


A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage can be used to help release tension and soothe tight or sore muscles in these areas.

If you sit at a desk all day, have a very physical occupation or suffer from incorrect posture, then this treatment is perfect for you.

Allow around 30 minutes.



Indian head massage – which is a natural therapy that has been popular throughout India for over a thousand years – is perfect for treating stress-generated muscle tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. 

Massage of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders soothes and re-balances energy flow, to produce a feeling of peace and can provide instant relief from tension and stress.  

Our therapists use specially prepared oils (which include coconut, sesame and olive) that complement the treatment and suit you as an individual.  Fragrance can have a therapeutic effect but you can choose to go fragrance free.

Indian head massage is a safe and effective therapy that can promote hair growth and also provides relief from stress and overall aches and pains.

The following conditions are thought to benefit from using Indian Head Massage;


Reiki uses spiritual energy to treat a person and balances, heals and harmonises all aspects of the person – their body, mind, emotions and spirit. It can also help in personal and spiritual awareness and growth.

Reiki is a safe and gentle non-intrusive healing technique, involving the laying-on of hands or light touch, that is channeled from the healer to the recipient where it dispels any blocks or negativity.

The following conditions are thought to benefit from using Reiki;


What sets hot stone massage apart from other types of massage therapy is the use of smooth, flat stones.

The stones used are basalt, chosen because they retain heat well. They vary in size, from larger stones that are placed on the back to stones that are small enough to fit between the toes.

hot stone massage

The stones are immersed in water and heated to an optimum temperature range. They are then placed on specific points of the body and, occasionally, on the face. The stones themselves are used to massage the body. Combined with a fragrant aromatherapy oil blend, the stones glide easily over the body and provide a wonderful massage that is warm and silky smooth to the recipient.

Basalt’s iron rich composition means that the stones act like a magnet, detoxifying the body and drawing out stress and negativity. The stones are effective in stimulating the lymphatic system, boosting the immune system and realigning the body’s energy and balance via the meridians and chakras. These are the invisible energy pathways that allow chi (energy) to flow through the body thus restoring equilibrium.

Conditions that May Be Helped Using Hot Stone Massage:


A luxury facial treatment begins with an initial skin analysis to determine your skin type. Once your face has been cleansed and the skin assessed, suitable products will be selected for the treatment. Exfoliation will get rid of any dry patches and dead skin and hot towels applied to the face will loosen clogged pores and draw out any impurities. A facial mask will be used, chosen to suit your skin’s needs.

During the treatment you will receive a wonderfully relaxing aroma facial massage, plus a complimentary hand, head or foot massage whilst the mask is drying. The treatment is completed by applying moisturiser to leave your facial skin feeling fresh and hydrated.


Ear candling is a gentle and non-invasive means of treating a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions and can be an effective alternative to antibiotics, syringing and the use of grommets.

Take a look at the section below on ‘What To Expect’ for further information about the treatment itself. 

The following conditions are thought to benefit from using Ear Candling;


Diane Chandler at Meadows Wellbeing

Diane Chandler


Complementary Therapist

About Diane Chandler

Health and wellbeing have always played a central role in Diane’s life, as she grew up alongside practices of yoga, meditation and wholefoods, which are still a cornerstone. Her own personal growth took off in her twenties and at that time she experienced first-hand aromatherapy massage herself, whilst going through a stressful time. Diane was utterly inspired and knew this was what she wanted to do.  To help others in a hands-on way to experience relaxation and nurture – as well as treating a wide range of stress-related issues – became her calling.

Diane set about pursuing her aromatherapy training at the world renowned ‘Robert Tisserand’, going on on to qualify in their 2-year diploma in holistic aromatherapy. Having previously worked in the medical profession for over 18 years, she was able to draw upon her transferrable skills and knowledge and to bridge the gap between both worlds whilst laying a firm foundation for further training in complementary therapies.

In recent years Diane has worked as a Maternity Assistant at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, gaining valuable experience which lead her to specialise in supporting mothers before, during and after pregnancy and the birth of their baby. Latterly, having been a carer for multiple family members who were seriously ill, she has developed a particular interest in supporting ‘the carers’ carer’, gaining insight and further training as a health mentor/coach with Dr Rosy Daniel who specialises in cancer care.

Diane Chandler is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists – further information can be found via their website at www.fht.org.uk

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What To Expect From Your Consultation & Treatments

AROMATHERAPY: Initially, your therapist will undertake a full consultation to include questions about your general health, medical history and emotional wellbeing. Essential oils will be chosen uniquely for your situation and your therapist will only expose the area of the body being treated. Often, your therapist will offer you a therapeutic blend of essential oils to take home to use between treatments. This helps to give your treatment continuity and can speed the sense of wellbeing. 

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: The treatment is 30-40 minutes in duration and can be conducted fully clothed in the upright position seated on a chair. It can also be done with or without the use of oil, but if so, top layers of clothing will need to be removed. Modesty is observed at all times. 

REIKIReiki treatments are given by the practitioner placing hands on and above your body in a number of positions, allowing free flow of the universal life force energy, while you lie on a couch, fully clothed. Reiki naturally flows to the area where it is most needed and no direction by the practitioner is necessary for the energy to work accurately. You will always receive the correct amount of energy to bring about the necessary changes to restore balance within.  You can expect to experience a state of deep relaxation and often warmth, coolness, tingling or gentle vibrations.

EAR CANDLINGThis relaxing treatment takes approximately 40 minutes. You will be asked to lie down on one side and a candle is placed inside the ear canal. The candles are made of linen or cotton impregnated with beeswax, sage, St John’s wort, roman chamomile, vitamin A and honey extracts, all of which have therapeutic healing properties. Once in position, the candle is lit and a gentle suction creates a vacuum in the ear canal. It’s very common to hear a cracking sound. This is nothing to worry about, it’s simply the effect of the change in pressure as the eardrum and inner ear are gently massaged. Ear wax is softened and loosened through the action of the candles and may work its way out of the ear in the 48 hours or so following treatment. This may cause a temporary slight deafness and is quite normal. A treatment is usually completed with facial lymphatic drainage massage and acupressure to enhance the effect of the candles. This is a powerful, soothing and relaxing treatment. Chronic conditions may require several treatments and we recommend three sessions as the optimum treatment plan. Ear candling is not suitable for clients with certain ear-related problems for example, perforated eardrums. Your therapist will always screen potential clients for contraindications.