Ear Wax Removal

at Meadows Wellbeing

Do You Suffer From Excess Ear Wax?

Typical symptoms can be ear ache, difficulty hearing, ringing (Tinnitus), itchiness, dizzy spells and ear infection.

At Meadows Wellbeing we  offer a convenient, friendly and pain-free ear wax removal service using advanced methods of wax removal.


Gold Standard Microsuction

This is an advanced technique that is gentle and safe which uses suction to clear the ear wax. Using a high-powered microscope, the small, thin, single-use probe is directed to the area of wax or infection discharge in the ear canal and gentle suction removes the blockage. 

Ear Irrigation

Unlike traditional ear irrigation, which sprays water directly into the ear canal hitting the ear drum (which can be painful and dangerous) our safe, low pressure irrigation system instead directs water to the ear canal, flushing out the ear wax via three divergent streams.

Sakib Paul is the Meadows Wellbeing resident Ear Wax Removal Specialist.


Sakib Paul

Ear Wax Removal Specialist

About Sakib Paul

Sakib obtained a BSc (HONS) Biomedical Science & Pharmacology degree at the University of Surrey in 2002.

His aim is to provide a tailored approach to each of his patients, making ear care more accessible for everyone who needs it.

As a private practitioner, he also provides an ear wax removal service for GP Practices across London, Surrey and Sussex.

“Bringing someone’s hearing back to normality is extremely rewarding and gives me so much joy and satisfaction.”

Latest Review...

"Recommended by a work colleague and delighted I was. Had an ear issue and Sakib Paul sorted me out quickly and efficiently. I felt very comfortable during my treatment and my hearing is now the best it’s been for a long time . Very good value and highly recommend."

What To Expect From Your Consultation & Treatments

Your appointment will last for approximately 45 minutes but can be completed in a much shorter period of time. We offer ‘at home’ visits as well as appointments at the Meadows Wellbeing practice in Billingshurst.

During your consultation Sakib will carry out a Pre-Otoscopic examination of the ear canals to examine the extent of impaction. 

Sakib will then remove any ear wax either via Microsuction – Gold Standard or Controlled Irrigation.

You will then receive a Post-Otoscopic Examination following extraction.

As part of our service we also offer advice and guidance to help ease excessive ear wax build-up.

If it isn’t possible to finish cleaning the ear during your initial visit e.g. if there is stubborn wax or if the ear canal is sensitive, then follow-up appointments will be free of charge, until the wax has been cleared successfully. This is on the condition that you adhere to the instructions provided by your specialist to help resolve any issues in between visits.

During your consultation we  allow enough time to check the health of both ears and, if necessary, clean both.