Medical Herbalism

at Meadows Wellbeing

Medical Herbalism at Meadows Wellbeing

Medical Herbalism uses medicine made from plants, often the whole plant but sometimes parts of plants like the roots or seeds.

Herbs have been used for centuries as medicines and nowadays modern scientific research confirms knowledge our ancestors passed down through the generations. With a focus on the whole patient, not just current symptoms, a herbalist will make a medicine which is usually a combination of plants tailored specifically to the individual.

Many people come to herbal medicine for a solution to long standing issues. Herbal medicine can often help resolve hormonal issues, skin complaints, joint, respiratory, post viral troubles, stress, anxiety and much more. 


Kate Scott BSc Hons

Medical Herbalist

About Kate Scott

As a medical herbalist, Kate has an honours degree in Herbal Medicine encompassing phytotherapy, nutrition, aromatherapy, clinical examination and diagnosis, pharmacology and more – with over 20 years experience in working with herbs.
Kate’s comprehensive clinical training has included time at Whipps Cross Dermatology department and at The Haven Breast Cancer centre in London.  
Kate follows in the footsteps of a long line of herbalists which she can trace back to the 16th century.  With a passion for native British plants  (growing and harvesting many of them herself), Kate believes that the rich flora of the British Isles equips us to source and produce effective treatments as we have done traditionally for hundreds if not thousands of years with modern research now showing the efficacy of our own plant medicines.

Plant chemicals follow similar pathways in the body as orthodox medicines, in fact almost 75% of our modern medicines have their origins in substances originally extracted from plants!

What To Expect From Your Consultation & Treatments

An initial consultation will last up to an hour, with a full medical history taken to give Kate a whole health picture to assist with your individual treatment plan, a dietary review and clinical examinations where necessary. 

A medicine can then be made which might be a tincture (which is an extract of herbs in alcohol), capsules , a tea, cream or salve which will contain a mixture of herbs especially tailored for the individual patient. 

Medicines will be available to collect from Meadows Wellbeing within a few days of your appointment. 

Subsequent appointments are dependent on the nature of the condition and the response to treatment.

Follow up appointments last for approx 30 minutes.