Chinese Herbal Medicine


An Essential Alternative

Chinese Herbal Medicine aims to achieve a balance in the body, which in turn provides a platform for good health and wellbeing. Each person is treated uniquely, with a focus on creating harmony and balance in relation to all aspects of a person and their environment or surroundings.

Chinese herbal medicine works alongside other forms of Chinese medicine (also known as TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine) in a holistic way – which includes acupuncture, massage, lifestyle and dietary advice and movement therapy (like Thai Chi).

Meadows Wellbeing offers a range of TCM therapies including Acupuncture and also Chinese Herbal Medicine at the practice in Billingshurst. 

Our Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner is Tony Booker. 

Tony Booker Chinese Herbal Medicine at Meadows Wellbeing

Tony Booker

Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

About Tony Booker

Tony Booker is the Meadows Wellbeing resident Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner.

He has been a practitioner of East Asian Medicine since 1994 and specialises in Chinese herbal medicine.

He has a doctorate degree in Ethnopharmacy (the use of traditional ethnic medicines) and is a university lecturer and researcher in this subject.

Tony has a particular interest in the safety, quality and effectiveness of herbal medicines and how traditional Asian medicines can be best integrated into a European healthcare setting.

What To Expect From Your Consultation & Treatments

Your first appointment will last for 1 hour, where a full diagnosis is made according to the principles of Chinese medicine.

Herbal formulas (in modern dried granule form) are individually tailored to each person, as the focus is to treat the underlying causes of ill health as well as the symptoms.

Most people tolerate Chinese herbal medicine well and there are few reported side-effects; a follow up appointment is arranged after two weeks to check on progress.

Subsequent appointments are dependent on the nature of the condition and the response to treatment.

Follow up appointments last for 30 minutes, where a prescription may be changed according to the changing symptom picture.