A Safe Place To Talk

Almost everyone, at some stage of their life, will need someone to talk to about their feelings and emotions.  

Modern day life and the associated pressures – like work, relationships, social media, money worries – can all mount up and cause us anxiety and distress. 

As part  of our complementary and alternative therapy offering, we are extremely proud to be able to offer an expert counselling service – for everyone.

Your mental health is paramount to your overall wellbeing, and as such we treat it as a priority.

The Meadows Wellbeing philosophy is that we should all try to look after our mental health in the same way as our physical health. 

So here at our health centre you will find a safe, supportive, private and relaxing space to talk openly about your thoughts and find strategies to cope and manage any anxiety or distress.


Will Low


About Will Low

Will qualified with a Diploma in 2001 and has recently qualified as an Integrative Psychotherapist (MSc).

Will has years of experience within a variety of different areas including bereavement, childhood sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency and relationship issues.

Will offers a safe and confidential environment and believes the relationship between the counsellor and client is a non-judgmental space to explore how the issues have built up and understanding how they affect you in everyday life.  This work can be challenging, enlightening and empowering steps to your own wellbeing.

About Tracy Brower

Tracy is a therapeutic counsellor with a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. She has a wide range of experience working with adults of all ages, including young adults and older adults (65+).  

Her work has included helping people with anxiety, depression, bereavement, abuse, divorce and addiction as well as adults with trauma related issues.  

Tracy has an integrative approach which means that she uses different ways of working with people depending on what they most need. Always at the heart of her work is the belief in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship.

Tracy Brower


Lisa Williamson


About Lisa Williamson

Lisa has a post-graduate diploma in humanistic counselling and has worked with adults with a variety of presenting issues, helping them make sense of their struggles and realise their potential for growth.

Alongside private practice, she provides in-person counselling for persons affected by cancer. Having previously practised as a speech and language therapist, Lisa has a wealth of experience within primary healthcare and has a particular interest in relational trauma, grief, and addiction.

Lisa privileges a humanistic approach, honouring the collaborative relationship between counsellor and client as pivotal to the healing process. She strives to co-create a warm, confidential, and non-judgmental space for each client to explore their way of being in the world. She believes that with courage, perseverance, and understanding ourselves more deeply, we all have the capacity to find our own path towards greater fulfilment in life. Having a trusted other to witness and validate our unique story, with compassion and sensitivity, can help reveal such possibilities.

About Jane Casey

Jane is an experienced Counsellor with a key focus in providing counselling and support for adults and children affected by trauma, grief or bereavement, as well as helping terminally ill patients and their families.

As well as being a Counsellor at Meadows Wellbeing, Jane is a School Counsellor and Wellbeing Lead at a local secondary school for children/young adults aged 11-18 and therefore has a huge amount of practical knowledge and deep understanding of the issues facing young people today.

Jane Casey


Will, Tracy, Lisa and Jane are all members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and as such work to their ethical framework.  

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What To Expect From Your Counselling Sessions

In the first instance, we believe that the best place to start is to address the issues that have brought someone to counselling in the first place.

What you talk about may vary depending on your personal experience, but could range from issues with your relationships, your childhood, emotions or even situations you find difficult. 

Your counselling sessions will provide a safe and supportive place for you to explore and discuss strategies to enable you to deal with and manage the issues that are causing anxiety or distress.

Each session will last 50 minutes and preferably be weekly and at the same time each week. 

Your therapy can be short or long term, whichever suits your needs. It can be hard to know what to expect, so we offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss what you are looking for and whether you feel comfortable to embark on this journey together with your counsellor.