Osteopathy, Complementary & Alternative Therapies

Designed to support your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing

Meadows Wellbeing in Billingshurst offers a full range of health and wellbeing treatments for everyone, at any age or stage of life, from babies and children upwards.

Everything you need in one place.

Our team of expert health professionals are dedicated to improving your physical and emotional wellbeing via a range of Osteopathic, Complementary and Alternative treatments and therapies.

Saturday 23rd December 2023 - Open as usual 9am until 1pm
Sunday 24th December 2024 - Closed as usual
Monday 25th December Christmas Day - Closed
Tuesday 26th December 2023 Boxing Day - Closed
Wednesday 27th December 2023 - 8am until 7pm
Thursday 28th December 2023 - 8am until 7pm
Friday 29th December 2023 - 8am until 7pm
Saturday 30th December 2023 - 9am until 1pm
Sunday 31st December 2023 - Closed as usual
Monday 1st January 2024 - Closed
Tuesday 2nd January 2024 - Open as usual 8am until 7pm


The Billingshurst Osteopaths team are based at Meadows Wellbeing

Sports Therapy

Mental Health Support Team

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Holistic Therapies

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Friday 24th December 2021 (Christmas Eve) 8am – 4pm
Christmas Day – Closed
Monday 27th December and Tuesday 28th December – Closed
Wednesday 29th December – 8am-7pm
Thursday 30th December – 8am – 7pm
Friday 31st December 2021 (New Years Eve) 8am – 5pm 
New Years Day – Closed
Monday 3rd January 2022 – Closed

Open as usual from Tuesday 4th January 2022