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Yoga, Pilates and Meditation is coming soon to Meadows Wellbeing.

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Meadows Wellbeing offer a variety of Yoga and Pilates classes throughout the week including Saturdays – please see the ‘What To Expect’ section below for information about each class.


For further information about class times and to book please click here or call 01403 786081 during opening hours.


Monday classes are led by Emily Apps


VINYASA – 4:15-5:15 pm

SLOW FLOW YOGA – 5:30-6:30 pm


Wednesday classes are led by Eloise Lambert

PILATES – 9:30-10:30 am, 10:45-11:45 am and 12-1 pm


Thursday classes are led by Natalie Creasy

YOGA  – 9:30-10:30 am

GENTLE YOGA – 10:45-11:45 am

YOGA NIDRA – 12-1 pm


Saturday classes are led by Emily Apps


VINYASA – 10:15-11:15 am

RESTORATIVE YOGA & YOGA NIDRA – 11:30 am – 12:30 pm


  • Payment will be taken in advance. Once your booking is made we are unable to provide a refund. 
  • The class sizes will be a maximum of 4 people allowing for 1-2-1 teaching and social distancing procedures.
  • We may cancel classes if there are insufficient attendees.
  • Mats will be provided, but where possible we advise that you use your own mat. 
  • Time is given between each class to allow for the room to be sanitised/cleaned.


Ali McGougan – Yoga teacher Meadows Wellbeing

Ali McGougan

Yoga Teacher

About Ali McGougan

Ali has been teaching yoga in the West Sussex area since 2017.  She enjoys introducing people to yoga for the first time as well as bringing people on in their yoga journey, and feels it is important to get to know her clients and learn about their bodies.   

She teaches both Hatha yoga (slow individual postures) and a more dynamic flow yoga (depending on the class) but in all her classes she is attentive to all abilities offering alternative postures and adjustments.  She also incorporates meditation and breathing techniques into her sessions.

Ali is also trained to teach Yin yoga and yoga and mindfulness to teens.

About Daisy Burchfield

Daisy first discovered yoga practice when she was 16, whilst suffering from an illness which meant that she couldn’t be as active as she would have liked. It was actually her mum and her older sister who introduced her to the practice, and coming from a dance and sport background she fell in love with it.

Yoga has been an amazing coping mechanism for Daisy over the years, and she has always found the philosophy behind the practice very interesting.

In 2018, Daisy was fortunate enough to gain a bursary from the company she was working for to do a course in South Goa to become a RYS 200hr Yoga Teacher. The experience she had was amazing, and the course enabled her to study a variety of yoga styles- Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Aerial, Acro and Yoga Nidra. As well as this she was able to study in a variety of meditations, pranayama (breathing) techniques and expand her knowledge in the philosophy.

daisy Burchfield at Meadows Wellbeing

Daisy Burchfield

Yoga Instructor

Daisy loves exploring a variety of areas within the yoga practice (for example, Yamas and Niyamas, the elements etc.) and includes different areas on the practice to suit an individual client and their needs.

As someone who is in awe of the human body and what it can achieve, Daisy focuses on the correct asana (pose) and movement patterns to ensure that an individual is gaining the most from their practice.

Since 2018, Daisy has been teaching yoga regularly in Greece, Andorra and the UK. In the future, her aim is to become qualified in pre and post natal yoga, and to return to India to gain a 300hr yoga teacher qualification.

Her overall goal is to share her passion of movement with people, to share the physical and mental benefits, and allow the practice to be accessible to everyone. 

Eloise Lambert Pilates Meadows Wellbeing

Eloise Lambert

Pilates Instructor

About Eloise Lambert

Eloise first came across Pilates during her dance training and decided to turn a passion into a profession. She is now a fully qualified Pilates instructor.

Guiding her class through a series of exercises she aims to correct muscle imbalances, improve postural alignment, release tension, bring awareness to breath control and increase flexibility. 

Eloise’s goal is to make you feel stronger, prevent future injuries and feel rejuvenated.

Eloise is also qualified to teach pre and postnatal clients – Pilates is a safe and effective exercise for new mum’s and is a great way to stay active during pregnancy – you will feel empowered and supported during and after giving birth.

She also recently certified as a Barre Teacher and trained with Barreworks in 2020 and is accredited in the Barreworks Method.

About Emily Apps

Emily lives in Billingshurst and is a mum of two  – her passion is for all aspects of fitness and wellbeing.


Emily really enjoys helping people find strength and flexibility in their bodies – creating balance by encouraging that mind-body connection.
In each yoga class she aims to weave together elements of pranayama (breathwork), asana (postures) and philosophy that will guide you towards reflection and growth.
It is her joy to use yoga to inspire people to find freedom in their body, to be in the moment, to open their heart and find self acceptance. Renewing the mind, body and soul through yoga, breathwork and meditation.

Emily Apps

Yoga Teacher

Natalie Creasey

Natalie Creasy

Yoga Teacher

About Natalie Creasy

Natalie is an IYN Registered Yoga Teacher and specialises in Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Advanced Meditation. Natalie also has an SNHS Diploma in Professional Relaxation Therapy and an SNHS Diploma in Stress Management.

 Everything that happens in her classes and 1-2-1 work is aimed at enabling you to find peace and ease. 

Whether that is from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dis-ease.  By bringing the body-mind back into ease and residing in a space of deep relaxation this enables profound healing and change to happen. 

What To Expect From Each Class

Beginners Yoga Course (4 week rolling course)  – A course to welcome beginners to yoga. Starting with the basics and creating a strong foundation for your practice. Weaving together breathwork, asana (the postures) and yogic philosophy to nourish mind, body and soul. Practicing with kindness and acceptance to the body. It’s never too late to start, you’re never too inflexible or too old or too big. We adapt the poses to fit your body and not the other way around.

Vinyasa Flow – A dynamic class for those who like to move and sweat and flow. Strengthen muscle tone and increase flexibility with creative flow sequences. Expect a fun, sometimes challenging, strong, stretchy, flexy class with core conditioning. Options given to suit all levels.

Slow Flow Yoga –  A heart centered class for those who like a mellow, calming practice to rebalance mind and body. Suitable for beginners/ improvers and those recovering from injury or if you just prefer a more gentle practice. Slowly open out the body though mindful movement. Calm the mind and soothe the spirit by bringing awareness to the present moment. Leave feeling refreshed and rebalanced.

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra – A deeply relaxing class in which the body is completely supported in each pose. Positions are held for longer periods of time to allow the body to drop into deeper states of relaxation and promote healing. Especially beneficial for anxiety and stress. Combined with Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic sleep, which is guided meditation. A serene class to nourish mind, body and soul.

Yoga Nidra – This is an opportunity for you to enter a state of deep relaxation. You’ll be laying down, you will be guided to observe your breathing.  As you begin to settle, you will be guided to sense your way around the body as we meet and greet sensations, you will drop into a deeply healing, meditative space. In this space the body will find a calm through the nervous system which will help you to release physical, emotional and mental tension.

Pilates – This class is designed to target the whole body through flowing and functional movements. You will be guided through the fundamentals of Pilates and offered modifications and adaptations. Every class will develop and challenge your Pilates practice with different equipment and varied routines.

Gentle Yoga – Classes are gentle movement and breath based addressing tension and tightness in the body. This class focuses on enabling you to move from dis-ease to ease.  Each class ends with a deep relaxation section.  

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