Body Strengthening, Conditioning & Mobility
Personal Training & Yoga


A Personal Approach To Staying Fit and Healthy

At Meadows Wellbeing our aim is to provide everyone in our community with an opportunity to get the support and guidance they need as unique individuals.

This means we are here to help you move your body in the way you want – whether that’s to improve your fitness, become more flexible or develop your strength to play sports better.

No matter what level of fitness you currently have or are looking to achieve, our personalised sessions are tailored to you individually – to help you achieve your own specific wellbeing and fitness goals – in a supportive, friendly and welcoming environment.

Body strengthening, conditioning and mobility uses both bodyweight and equipment based movement patterns to build up strength, improve metabolic conditioning (cardio)  and increase mobility in the body.

The session is designed completely for individual needs, whether that is working on specific muscular imbalances, helping any really stiff and achy areas, or increasing the heart rate in a safe and effective way.

By building up strength and increasing mobility, it reduces the risk of long-term injury, and helps us to move easier in our everyday lives completing everyday tasks.

Strength, conditioning and mobility also improves athletic performance, whether you play in individual or team sports, and no matter what level you compete in.

Strength, conditioning and mobility focuses on sport specific drills and components of fitness, to enable you to perform at your best. 


daisy Burchfield at Meadows Wellbeing

Daisy Burchfield

Body Strengthening, Conditioning & Mobility Coach, Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

About Daisy Burchfield

Daisy is a highly experienced fitness coach specialising in personal training, yoga, strength conditioning and mobilisation.

She has joined the Meadows Wellbeing team to offer one-to-one personal training sessions, yoga instruction and advice on building strength and maintaining good mobility at all stages of life. 

Daisy is passionate about helping people learn to love movement and take advantage of their body’s natural abilities. 

Daisy is also qualified in Prenatal Yoga instruction.

Daisy has the following qualifications; Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach, Level 3 Personal Training, Level 2 Fitness Instructing- Gym Based Exercise, Level 2 Exercise to Music.  All of the above are REPS/ CIMSPA accredited.


The TRX is a great piece of equipment which can be used anywhere – it can be attached to rails, fencing, doors – anything which is secure. 

It allows you to utilise your bodyweight to achieve muscular endurance and strength in all the major muscle groups.

With the use of different positions of the body, it allows you to increase/ decrease the resistance allowing for progressive overload and making the piece of equipment accessible to all levels and abilities. 

TRX is used in our one-to-one sessions and tailored to your individual needs.

What To Expect From Your Sessions

Personal Training – Initial consultations are one hour.  This will give you the opportunity to discuss any challenges you’re facing and what you would like to get out of the sessions. 

Our aim is to make it really accessible for everyone. So once the assessment is done, you can attend future sessions of 60/45/30 minutes depending on what your objectives are and how much time you have.

Sessions take place once a week, twice a week or however often you’d like – working with Daisy at the Meadows Wellbeing practice.

If you don’t have time to do that, then Daisy will also develop a programme for you to take away. It will include a really clear programme of exercises, but also regular contact with Daisy, so if you’re stuck or if you have questions, you can speak to her directly.

In most cases it will be a 4 or 6 week programme and then you’ll come back and see Daisy to ‘check in’ on progress.

Body Strengthening, Conditioning & Mobility – With regard to strength and conditioning training, Daisy will work with clients who want to have sport-specific strength and conditioning. For example, if you do a lot of tennis and want to build up your strength to improve your performance, Daisy will give you exercises to develop strength in those specific muscles.

Pre-natal yoga is great for soon-to-be mums and can be used throughout pregnancy, in all three trimesters.  It allows the mother to find and bring awareness to her breath and to trust her instinct throughout the pregnancy and childbirth. It creates a sense of calm and control, reduces anxiety and stress levels, and helps to improve sleep. In addition to this, there are endless physical benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy, such as improving mobility, strength and balance, reducing back pain and helping digestion.

In prenatal yoga, Daisy uses asana (positions) with plenty of props such as cushions and blankets, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and yoga nidra with traditional yogic philosophy, to bring joy to the mum and her exciting journey of pregnancy. 

Daisy will also be working in partnership with Emma Wilson-Wild and the other Meadows Wellbeing sports injury/massage experts to help develop rehab exercise programmes for clients.


When Daisy joined us as the newest member of the Meadows Wellbeing team, we thought it would be a great time to ask her all the questions we know you’ll want to hear the answers to!