Structural Osteopathy

at Meadows Wellbeing

What is Structural Osteopathy?

Osteopathy as we know it today was started in 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still. He formulated the system of scientifically based manipulative procedures which is well established as an effective method of treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries.

One of the core principles of all osteopathic treatment is that the body is a self correcting entity; therefore treatment does not aim to heal the patient but by removing the obstructions the body is in a position to heal itself. Osteopathy is renowned for treating low back conditions but it can help a vast range of problems by looking at and improving structure of the joints, whether at a spinal segmental level where nerves leave the spinal cord or a joint such as shoulder or hip.

It follows that function will improve in that joint and any related to it. Using articulatery techniques, mobilisations and manipulations of joints as well as stretching and massaging specific muscles, tendons and ligaments – structure and function of joints is changed for the better! As a consequence of this change the nervous system and blood supply are also influenced. Osteopaths look at the body in an holistic way and try to establish which structures are at the root or cause of the problem, these may be at distant and seemingly unrelated part of the body.