We are really delighted to welcome Su Winsbury to the Meadows Wellbeing team.

Su Winsbury at Meadows Wellbeing

Su specialises in supporting people with chronic fatigue, post-viral fatigue and ME. She is also experienced in addressing emotional distress and mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression and stress.

We sat down with Su to learn more about how she came into the field and how her energy work can help people with many different life challenges.

Hi Su, welcome to the Meadows Wellbeing team.

Can you start by sharing a little about the services you will be providing at the practice?

A major part of my work is helping people manage and recover from conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia. Additionally I will also be using my energy and healing therapies which I feel are really beneficial and powerful for so many people.

It seems there are a growing number of people experiencing conditions related to fatigue, is this something you have noticed and, if so, why do you think this might be?

Yes I have noticed more cases which, I believe, is due to the current climate and the general feeling of people feeling anxious and stressed. I am seeing many people who had COVID 19 symptoms and are now experiencing post-viral fatigue, this is not surprising as a virus can often be a tipping point for people who are prone to chronic fatigue. Those with long lasting COVID symptoms may well already have been in the first phase of burnout, the virus has just pushed them over the edge. Interestingly there are particular personality profiles that tend to be diagnosed with ME, it is not generally a condition of the laid-back person so stress is a big factor alongside trauma, adverse childhood experiences and high sensitivity. I have a personal experience of ME, as a member of my family is currently recovering from it.  This personal experience along with my qualification has benefitted me within my practice.

Aside from ME and chronic fatigue what are some of the other areas where people can people benefit from your services?

Anxiety, stress or a general sense that you can have more than life is giving you right now, are all common themes with my clients.  I do a lot of work with a local charity for women who are recovering from domestic abuse. Sometimes, though, it’s just helping people with physical aches and pains. One client came to me with a recurring pain in her neck.  During treatment it materialised the pain came from a deep-seated emotional issue and by releasing the energy and emotions connected to it, the pain in her neck disappeared.

Can you tell us about the energy work you do?

I use a lot of different techniques, but one of the most powerful is EAM (the Energy Alignment Method). I also use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping.  Both work on our storehouse of energy, this is basically everything that is in your subconscious. My energy work uncovers issues hiding in the subconscious and I help people release that. This is particularly useful for people who just feel stuck or who have tried other therapies with little success.

Some people might not be familiar with this concept of therapy, so how do you explain this and perhaps dispel some of the misconceptions?

I always start with explaining how it is based on science, this includes elements of psychology, kinesiology, meridians, quantum science and research by the Heart Math Institute.  We all have an energy field, or aura, that surrounds our body and this contains a library of everything we have experienced, thought, felt or believed.  It is like a mirror of our subconscious.  Much of this is unknown in our conscious day-to-day mind and can create feelings of being stuck, unhelpful behaviours or patterns or ultimately physical disease.

How does the work you do differ from therapy in terms of addressing the emotional elements?

I actually combine a lot of mentoring and coaching within my treatment alongside powerful intuition.  While I am a big advocate for all kinds of therapy, for some people just talking does not remove the issues from the energy field or the subconscious, with my energy work I tap into the subconscious allowing you to process issues differently.

Does it take a little while for some of those things to come to the surface?

It really depends on the person. Sometimes you can get down to really deep issues within an hour and release it. I have worked with clients who have been able to release deep trauma very quickly (for example in 2-3 hours) and for others it takes a little longer.  The joy of working with energy is that it always speaks your truth. 

How did you get involved in energy work?

It’s something that has interested me since I was a teenager but back then there wasn’t anywhere to go with it. I originally started working in PR and marketing. When I had a career break after I had my children, I saw a spiritual healing course advert and once I started the training it just felt right, like putting on a pair of comfy slippers. That then evolved into other holistic therapies, I trained in many modalities including Reflexology, Reiki, Wellbeing Coaching and Chronic Fatigue Recovery.

If people are interested in learning more about the energy side of things, are there practices they can do themselves to ease into it, or would you recommend coming to a practitioner like yourself to learn more about it?

If I am seeing someone for the first time I will share some videos that they can try at home or direct them to online resources as there are so many. However this depends on the person and what they want and what they need. For the main energy techniques, such as the Energy Alignment Method which I work with, there are lots of resources available for people to work on a surface level. As a qualified practitioner, I have thousands of hours of practice and so work on a much deeper level which they would not be able to do on their own. I also work very intuitively and that guidance is invaluable.

And lastly, how can people work with you if they are interested in finding out more?

Initially I carry out a telephone consultation, this allows me to make sure that I can offer what the client is looking for, help them understand the process and ensure that I am the right person to be working with them. If they are keen to proceed, then I tend to recommend a course of sessions which generally provides better results.

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