Despite everything they do for us, our feet are often a neglected part of our bodies. It’s typically not until they’re yelling in pain that we pay much attention to them...


But as we’ve explored in previous blog posts, taking care of our feet can do wonders for our overall health and wellbeing. And the great thing is that there’s lots you can do yourself to look after your feet. 

Simple things include wearing shoes that fit properly, avoiding excessive walking or standing, clipping your nails regularly, and using a pumice to remove hard skin.

However, while it’s important to do what you can to care for your feet, it’s also true that there may be times when getting support from a professional is the best course of action. Whether it’s because of practical challenges, or lack of knowledge around treatments, there’s a reason foot care professionals exist. Below we list some of the most common reasons you might want to consider visiting a specialist for help with foot care.

Lack Of Knowledge

There are a lot of ‘self-care’ foot treatments on the market, so if you’re suffering with dry skin, cracked soles, or verrucas you might be able to find a solution at your local chemist. But sometimes you might not know what the best treatment is for your situation, or even what the problem is, and this is where an expert’s knowledge can come in handy. Not only can they help you address the issue effectively, but they can also advise you on what steps to take to prevent issues arising, or how to self-treat if they do pop up.

Trouble Accessing Your Feet

Babies make it look easy, but the reality is that for many adults, reaching our feet is somewhat of a challenge. Some people simply do not have the flexibility to access their feet, others may have pain or medical conditions that prevent them from bending to reach their feet, some might just not like touching their feet at all. Whatever the reason, if you have trouble accessing your feet, then it’s definitely worth talking to a foot care specialist who can tend to them for you.

Lack of Time

As much as we’d all like to make time for foot care, it’s often not the highest priority on our agenda. And if it’s left in our own hands, odds are we’ll just keep putting it off indefinitely. If this sounds familiar, then booking an appointment with a foot care specialist might be just what you need. It doesn’t technically solve the issue of time, but because it’s an appointment in your calendar, it’s far more likely you will attend. Plus, for many people attending a foot care session is their ‘me time’, so not only do you get your feet looking and feeling great, but you also get the chance to sit back and relax too, which is just as good for your wellbeing as treating the ailment is.

Dealing With Challenging Issues

Although most people will only experience fairly minor foot care issues – verrucas, cracked heels, dry skin and the like – for some people, their foot care issues may be far more complex. This is particularly true if you have certain illnesses, such as diabetes for example. In this instance taking care of your feet is extremely important, and doing it right even more so, and this is certainly an example where you will want to call in a foot care specialist. They will be trained in proper techniques that not only keep your feet healthy, but also take into account any other medical considerations, and can offer expert advice on strategies you can use at home too. As with most wellbeing therapists, foot care experts are experienced in dealing with the whole person, so it’s always important to disclose any medical issues to them so they can treat you safely, and also help find ways to use foot care to support your wellbeing.