There’s a common misconception that sports injury massage and rehab are only for top performing athletes, or at the very least, those who partake in some kind of sporting activity.

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It’s easy to see where the misunderstanding comes from, after all it does have the word ‘Sport’ in the title. 

However, the reality is that the benefits gained from attending sports injury massage or rehab sessions can apply in a wide range of situations, so we wanted to highlight a few of the ways it can help, even if you’re not into sport at all.

Firstly, though, we should note that sports injury massage, and sports injury rehab, are actually two different things...

Sport injury massage is typically used to help muscles prepare for or recover from exertion. Sports injury rehab, however, is often focused on helping people resolve muscular-skeletal pain and return to their normal level of mobility following an injury. We’ll be diving into some of these differences, and looking deeper at their individual benefits of sports injury massage and rehab in future blogs. But in this blog we’ll be looking at them together, as they can both be used in a range of scenarios, and in many cases may be used together in treatment.

The list of ways sports injury therapists can help is almost endless...

…and that’s because injury can occur in many different ways. It could be while you were out walking the dog, during a gardening session, or while taking part in some form of sport. But it’s not just leisure activities that can result in the need for sports injury massage or rehab. You may also experience injury or pain as a result of your work. This is particularly common for those who work in manual labour trades, or who have highly physical jobs, such as healthcare or factory workers. That said, sports injury massage and rehab is also beneficial for office workers as it’s increasingly common to experience discomfort and even injury due to sedentary working environments.

In addition, some people simply choose to meet with a sports injury therapist to help them deal with the physical stresses and strains of everyday life. Perhaps you find it more challenging to walk up the stairs than you used to, or have less mobility these days. While we typically put these issues down to ageing, the truth is that the intervention of a qualified sports injury therapist can actually help your body stay supple and mobile, despite the passing of time.

There are so many ways in which sports injury massage and rehab can help, even when you have little or nothing to do with sports.

That’s because, at its heart, it’s about helping people live well, no matter their activity level or lifestyle preferences. So whether you’re preparing for (or recovering from) a major sporting event, need help recovering from a injury, or just want to learn techniques to help keep your body fit and well over time, it may be worth speaking with a trained sports injury therapist to get advice and see what steps you can take to help ensure you can contiinue enjoying the activities you love.