Back in the day the foot was a body part often ignored.

Women and men the world over would squeeze into uncomfortable and often damaging shoes, and walk miles on sore, weary feet, rarely doing much to care for them.


Today, thankfully, we’re finally coming to realise how important foot care is, and taking action to look after these most valuable parts of the body. At Meadows Wellbeing, our foot health specialist, Karen King, said she is delighted to see so many people from all walks of life finally embracing the need to engage in foot care, including people who are on their feet all day – such as healthcare workers, dancers, and postmen and women – as well many others such as bankers, office workers, and more than a few athletes and sportspeople.


You might imagine that it’s generally women who are driving the foot care revolution, perhaps dealing with the results of fashionable shoes, or simply ensuring their feet look their best for the summer sandals. But, actually, Karen says that in her practice it’s almost exactly 50:50 in terms of how many men and women she sees, and we love that fact. So many health and wellbeing practices have long been thought to be ‘for women’, and we are so pleased to see that this is rapidly changing in so many areas, including caring for our feet.

The other thing we’ve noticed is that while some people come to see her for help with specific problems, such as verrucas, ingrown toenails, tough skin or corns, many other people come for proactive foot care – doing what they can to prevent problems occurring in the first place. And Karen stresses that both forms are equally important.

There are clear benefits in coming to get help with a specific problem, it might help ease pain, or make walking easier, for example. But just because you don’t have any immediate issues with your feet, definitely doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a good foot care regime. Not only can help prevent issues in the future, but it also feels pretty darn nice to have your feet massaged and pampered. 

The feeling of being pampered is one of the most commons reason so many people have joined the foot care revolution and are choosing to attend our foot health clinic. We’re delighted that many people nowadays think of their foot care sessions as valuable ‘me time’, and we see lots of people who come to Meadows Wellbeing, whether for foot care services or any therapy, who tell us that it’s so important for them to schedule that time to do something for themselves.

And we think foot care is a great way to get that time to yourself, while also doing something that’s great for your overall health and wellbeing. After all, your feet do a lot for you, and if you take care of them, they will take care of you. Whether your feet are in need of some specialist care, or you just want to feel pampered for a spell, if you’ve not yet joined the foot care revolution, there’s never been a better time.