It's been over a month since we officially opened the doors of Meadows Wellbeing in the heart of Billingshurst, and we've had a wonderful time inviting our customers, new and old, to our premises.

But if you've not had a chance to stop by yet, you might be wondering, what is a wellbeing centre?

Well, we're here to answer that very question...​

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First up, though, we should say that this blog isn’t designed to give a definitive answer on what a wellbeing centre is, because honestly there’s no one definition. Rather we will be exploring what we think a wellbeing centre should be about, based on our ethos here at Meadows Wellbeing.

As the name implies, a wellbeing centre is a place where the focus is very much on wellbeing.

Importantly, it’s a physical location you can come to, and get support in all areas of wellbeing – physical and mental.

With so much attention given to virtual forms of self-care (especially with covid-19) there’s a risk that people aren’t getting the help, care and support they need in person. While digital access to support is great for so many people, it’s not the best route for everyone. For many people actually being able to speak with and meet a specialist in person is the most effective way for them to get the help they need. Plus, for some therapies there really isn’t a DIY option – if you’ve ever tried to give yourself a massage you’ll know how hard it is, and let’s not think about acupuncture!

And to us, there’s something immensely valuable in having somewhere you can go, disconnect from the internet and social media, and focus purely on you and your wellbeing.

So that’s a bit about the purpose of a wellbeing centre, but what are some of the features you might expect to enjoy at such a facility? 

We personally think a great wellbeing facility should include the following:

A Team Of Experts

While you are the only person who knows what’s best for your wellbeing, the fact is that if you benefit from a certain service of therapy, then you need access to experts in that field to get the most from it. Having the tuition of a qualified yoga instructor, for example, means you will be able to get the most from a class. And with some services, such as acupuncture or osteopathy, you definitely want to know that your practitioner is fully qualified and highly experienced. So if you’re considering attending any wellbeing centre, always be sure to check the qualifications of the therapists working there.

Access To A Range Of Therapies

The best thing about a wellbeing centre is that they are designed to be holistic in their approach, meaning you can easily access all the therapies and services you need in one place. At Meadows Wellbeing, for example, we offer a wide range of services – from counselling, to osteopathy, acupuncture to foot care – designed to support your physical and mental wellbeing from top to toe. A holistic wellbeing centre offers great convenience as you don’t have to get to know a new location or team of people each time you try out a new therapy.

Tranquil Setting

There’s nothing less relaxing than a chaotic environment, or a messy space. So we think a clean, spacious and calming atmosphere is essential – good lighting, inspiring artwork, calming décor. In short, you want it to be a place you find relaxing as soon as you step through the door. And this shouldn’t just apply to the reception area, you also want to enjoy that feeling of tranquillity and calm in the therapy rooms too. And if there’s some greenery, whether indoor plants, or a view of the natural world outside a window, that’s definitely a bonus.

Distraction Free

One of the reasons many of us even need a wellbeing centre is that our lives are so full, and we are constantly being distracted from our own needs by one thing or another – responsibilities at home, work commitments, social media, news, socialising. One of the biggest benefits of choosing to visit a wellbeing centre is definitely the ability to tune all this out and silence these distractions – even just for a while. Typically while you’re in a wellbeing centre you won’t be using your phone, there will be no TV or social media, and all those things on your to-do list can be set aside for a little while. Even just having an hour to yourself, completely distraction free can be enough to help you relax, the therapy is just an added bonus.

Supportive & Inviting

If you’re coming to a wellbeing centre because you’re experiencing pain or distress – whether physical or mental – you want to know that you won’t be judged, and will be cared for and treated with respect while you’re there. We think that having a kind, supportive and inviting team to answer your questions, give you advice, and set your mind at ease is so important and one of the most essential parts of what a wellbeing centre is all about.

So that’s what a wellbeing centre means to us and these are also the foundations of Meadows Wellbeing. 

Jon, our founder, spent a huge amount of time coming up with the design and ethos behind the centre.  He wanted it to be a place where anyone can enjoy a wide range of wellbeing services, and most importantly, the focus is squarely on you and your needs.